The Microloc Standards

The Comprehensive Guide to Microlocs

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • The exact definition of Microlocs, it's history, and how this info is crucial to know when looking for or providing services.
  • How certain methods being used today can hinder or damage optimal results in Microlocs and Microloc Extensions.
  • How you can lay the absolute best foundation possible for strong, beautiful Microlocs and services.
  • Why it's important to understand and create ethical business practices for your optimal success.
  • And much more...

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What readers say

An absolute gem for micro-locticians like myself who are passionate about cultivating and grooming tiny locs. Marshall's expertise shines through every page, and I plan to use this book as a go-to reference for creating beautiful Microlocs for my customers.

Marshall's attention to detail and comprehensive approach make this book a must-have for anyone looking to perfect their craft. From the basics of starting and maintaining Microlocs to advanced styling techniques, Marshall covers it all with clarity and expertise.
This is definitely the type of reference book/textbook that should be required to train locticians to cultivate strong, foundational based tiny locs that will strengthen their clients hair and minimalize the need for extensive repair.

Nicole Trahan

Founder, Treasured Locs and Tips
Microloc Mastery Certified Pro

About the Author

Jessyca Marshall

Jessyca Marshall, author and the visionary founder of Naturally Beautiful Hair Care, a distinguished natural hair care company, has played a pivotal role in introducing Microlocs and establishing Notably, she pioneered the Microloc Mastery Training and Certification program, an empowering online training initiative for the technique she coined as "Microlocs" in 2009. The program has achieved significant success, having trained tens of thousands of individuals globally, spanning across more than 8 countries.

Naturally Beautiful Hair Care and its affiliated entities serve as powerful intersections of mental health empowerment and comprehensive hair and beauty support, with a primary focus on uplifting black women. Embracing a holistic approach to hair care and wellness, the organization offers natural products, services, and educational programs aimed at enhancing quality results and fostering entrepreneurship opportunities within the Black community.

As a licensed social worker deeply engaged in the natural hair care business, Jessyca Marshall brings a unique blend of community empowerment, therapeutic expertise, a multi-systems approach, and a holistic perspective. This distinctive combination allows for an expanded viewpoint that yields remarkably impactful results.

Jessyca is adept at providing support across various crucial dimensions, including: (1) Personal upliftment through exceptional hair services and quality, (2) Professional refinement of technical hair care skills, leading to (3) enhanced earning and entrepreneurship capabilities for trained professionals. The lasting impact of these efforts extends beyond individuals to positively influence families and entire communities.


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