California 1-Day Microloc Bootcamp

Join us for a jam-packed day breaking down everything you need to know about creating and maintaining head-turning Microlocs of your dreams, as well as what it takes to get official certification. Easy to follow, this bootcamp is designed for all levels, from novice DIYer, to established hair professionals.

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When: Monday, September 11th from 11 am to 4 pm PST

Where: Sungoddess Beauty Center, 13965 Van Ness Avenue, Gardena, CA 90249

Price: Your price: $199 $99

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What You'll Learn:

  • 5 Fundamental areas of the Microloc Mastery (TM) Method and training framework including: Installation, Retightening, Repair, Grooming, Maintenance and Growth.
  • Learn the tools, system and techniques required to properly prepare for the best results.
  • Prevent the most common problems, often overlooked by many.
  • Learn what it takes to master the perfect installation that ensures Microlocs only get more strong and beautiful over time.
  • Maintenance tips, do's and don'ts to ensure the BEST results possible.
  • Learn best methods and techniques to ensure consistent, healthy growth in your hair and/or business.
  • Your price: $199 $99

What You'll Receive :

  • Workbooks and Handouts
  • Microloc Bootcamp Certificate of Completion
  • Enrollment opportunity and offer for access to the Microloc Mastery (TM) online portal and community to complete your certification process and receive ongoing virtual support and instruction, workshops, bootcamps, Microloc Directory listing and more
  • Light Refreshments Included
  • Your price: $199 $99

"What an educational, enlightening, and confidence building boot camp. I loved this course! I highly recommend this course for others.”  

Janice Miller, South Carolina

"I enjoyed this course...I can't wait to enroll into Micro Loc Mastery Loc Extension.. I appreciate the positive feedback and encouragement given...I would recommend someone to invest if the are serious about learning microlocs"

Javonn Campbell, Maryland

Meet Jessyca.

Jessyca Marshall is the founder of Microloc Mastery (TM) Training and Certification Program, an empowering training and online certification program and the pioneer who coined “Microlocs” 15 years ago in Brooklyn, NYC.

Microloc Mastery (TM) has now grown worldwide and is in 8 countries. It is a subsidiary of Naturally Beautiful Hair Care, LLC, which is a fusion of mental health empowerment and hair and beauty support, primarily for black women. It focuses on a holistic approach to hair care and wellness by providing natural products and services, training and education to increase quality results and expand entrepreneurship opportunities in hair care within the Black community. 

As a Columbia University trained licensed Social worker and former faculty with a natural hair care business, she has a unique combination of perspective and skills that are able to provide support on multiple key levels that include: (1) Personal support and enhancement via exceptional hair services and quality (2) Professionalism and refinement of technical hair care skills, which in turn increase (3) the earning and entrepreneurship abilities of these trained professionals and the overall and lasting impact it can have on families and entire communities.

Join this bootcamp for a rare in-person opportunity to receive direct training and support while experiencing the passion and high-level knowledge infused into this top-quality training.

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