Microloc Mastery Affiliate Program

Earn passive income and/or FREE enrollment with your referrals

Become an Affiliate for FREE

If people are going to already enroll, why not get a portion for yourself?

You've wanted to enroll, but money is strained.

Becoming an affiliate is a great way to pay for your own training.

You may be a salon owner or know a group seeking certification.

Enrolling a group for certification pays big returns for you and/or enables you to take the program for FREE. You also help the group save significantly.

You are already a part of the program and would like to earn on your referrals.

Maybe you're one of the AWESOME team members who've already found your success with the program and would like to profit off your referrals (I mean WHY NOT?? -GET YOUR BAG! $)

Affiliate Benefits

Build passive income, even if you don't have the time (or desire) to take clients (or chase people)

Passive Income

Becoming an affiliate earns you 10%-20% of every enrollment made through your link. You do NOT have to be a current member, in fact you can earn FREE full enrollment for yourself!

Ready Made Copy and Logos

No need to think about what to write, just copy and paste one of our many already made text templates and logo.

Affiliate Bonuses

High performing affiliates receive bonuses and additional earnings.

Support and Free Training

As an affiliate, you have free access to support and training on your affiliate role, as well as other trainings.

Monthly Check-ins

Stay supported and inspired with regular check-in sessions, ideal for those serious about maximizing their affiliate role and profits.

Group Referral Bonus

If you know a salon or group who'd like to enroll and become certified, your group referral earns you big, as well as a the group you are referring.

So how much income can you earn?

Commission rates start at 10% and increase to 20% of the sale.

Here are some numbers based on the current rates of the top 3 courses (the price will increase for 2022, meaning you will earn EVEN MORE than this in 2022!)

Microloc Mastery Training and Certification Full Program

Current 2021 price: $1,497

$150 per referral


$300 per referral

Re-Tightening, Repair and Grooming

Current 2021 price: $499

$50 per referral


$100 per referral

Quickstart Self Re-tightening

Current 2021 price: $299

$30 per referral


$60 per referral

Sign Up in 6 Easy Steps


Click the button to start the sign up process

Become an Affiliate


Sign up for free affiliate training

Upon submitting your info on the affiliate button, you will see a link to sign up for the upcoming free affiliate trainings. (If you can't make it live, it will be recorded).


Check your email

After completing your info on the button above, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your password for your affiliate account on our Teachable platform. You can also edit your account details (This process can take up to 24 hours)


Set up where you'll receive payments $

Once in your account, you can set up and connect your payment channels to receive your payouts


Get access to logos, promotional scripts and materials

Once approved, you have access to pre-written script templates, logos, and more to easily share the info to those interested.


Share the link!

Share your unique link as often as you'd like in emails, groups, chat messages and more (training available)

Your affiliate status can unlock the key to your continued growth, as you help others!