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...UNLIMITED growth potential

The Microloc Mastery Training and Certification Program includes an online course and documents, live coaching support, a certificate and ...even an online directory listing!

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Get Microloc Certified.

To be Microloc Mastery Certified means that you have been trained in and met the standard for the creation, care and maintenance of Microlocs. You've demonstrated that you met the requirements of our long term, industry proven techniques and hold yourself to a high level of professionalism and standards.

Microloc certification in our Microloc Mastery Academy.

"This training style is what I needed...it continues to help me get better and develop my skills."

- Lovelyn (Bronx, NY)

"...I loved her explanation and all of the details she gave me about Microlocs.  Immediately after that I was trained by Jessyca to do my own hair...the best thing I’ve ever done"

- Toni(Jersey City, NJ)

"It’s a good tool to have. I took the course. I liked it. I felt really empowered"

- Milan (Brooklyn, NY)

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