Hey there, I’m Jessyca!

I’m a NYC/NJ area natural hair business owner, licensed Social Worker, and natural hair and Microloc empowerment coach. I founded Naturally Beautifully Hair Care, and subsequently the Microloc branding in 2009 in Brooklyn, NY after creating natural hair care support to help myself and other women learn to love and care for their textured natural hair. During my Social Work studies at Columbia University, I realized I needed emotional support as I transitioned into natural hair. This need extended into how I viewed myself as a Black woman in comparison to the beauty standards that I was taught throughout my life.

I created 1st Microloc Training program in 2009 through my business Naturally Beautiful Hair Care in Brooklyn, and 1st online Microloc Certification program. I also created the 1st Microloc tool, Microloc Extensions and Microloc Directory.

I now work with people all over the world supporting their personal and professional goals with Microlocs, within the hair industry and their lives. I particularly enjoy working with other women of color and mothers tap into their skills and passions, particularly around their hair, Microlocs and entrepreneurship. The overall theme is EMPOWERMENT and I'm here for it!

Jessyca | Microloc Mastery Founder